"International Security" textbook was prepared at AUL

04 april, 2017

"International Security" textbook prepared by Department of International Relations of Azerbaijan University of Languages is available to students and the wide range of readers. In this book, for the first time in Azerbaijan and the region, the general theory of international security and regional issues was analyzed in a complex, and  deeply and studied systematically. The textbook consists of fourteen chapters, numerous maps, charts, diagrams, tables and other materials that have been reflected, the core content helps you better learn, and it increases the importance of teaching.

For more in-depth exploration of the topics by students different types of thought-provoking questions and tasks are given directly in the text and at the end of each topic. The tasks  forms the abilities, skills, and habits which are necessary to be able to study and analyze, to think independently and creatively the problems of the international security system in students. The manual was developed for interactive teaching / learning. The compound definitions and terms used in the context of the textbook have been described separately.

At the same time the textbook will be able to respond to the information threat and ideological attacks. The fact is that, today, articles and books written by Western and Russian scholars prevent formation of ideological and political processes going on in the world, causes to their exposure to the certain effects. To understand and train the processes of ongoing globally and in different regions security is an important part of ensuring national security.

Manual could be used as a valuable resource in teaching a number of courses - contemporary international relations, international organizations, globalization, international relations theory, international relations, history, regional security issues, the US, China, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin American countries, African countries, foreign policy and security issues in Central Asia - taught in high schools.

Prepared by authors staff, the scientific editor is  PhD in political sciences, Associate professor Samir Hamidov, reviewers  are  Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan,  Foreign Relations Department Head of Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Novruz Mammadov, MP, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Elman Nasirov, head of history of the international  relations of Institute of History  named after A.Bakhikhanov of ANAS, doctor of historical sciences, Professor Hasan Alibayli.