A meeting was held with Ibad Huseynov

06 march, 2017

On March 6 on the initiative of  426 B and 427 A group students  doing pedagogical practice of the School of Philology and journalism and their methodologist , associate professor of the Department of  English language stylistics Mehriban Huseynova  a meeting was held with Karabakh war participant, with "Azerbaijani flag" Ibad Huseynov.

The meeting was held at school No14 in Nasimi district where AUL students do practical work and information was provided  about the military activities, heroism and bravery of I.Huseynov in the battles, a video was shown.

Such meetings play an important role in the growth of youth in the national spirit, I.Huseynov said and thanked everyone who contributed to the event.

A film based on real facts and dedicated to the heroism of I.Huseynov "Special detachment Ibad" was featured, pupils performed patriotic songs and poems.