AUL held a seminar on "Dede Gorgud Stories"

09 february, 2017
On February 9, within the  project "Turkish flagship", associate professor of School of Literature at the University of Hacettepe Turkey Refis Gulin Oghut Eker  held seminar on "Dede Gorgud Stories" at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). She brought examples from "The Book of Dede Gorgud" epic , traditions played an important role in people's lives and regardless of where they live these traditions were  with them, she said. Refis Gulin Oghut Eker  said that national and moral values transmit to future generations through  the genetic codes. Depending on the country where people live an issue have different ideas and have a different kind of approach, she said. In the end, the participants shared their views on the subject.