Rector of AUL Kamal Abdulla was Elected as a Full Member of the Georgian Academy of Educational Sciences

26 january, 2018
On January 26, Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​(AUL), Full Member of the ANAS, Honored Scientist Kamal Abdulla met the representatives of Strasbourg University of France, Atilim University of Turkey, Tbilisi State University of Georgia and Georgian Technical University. K.Abdulla expressed his gratitude for the meeting where the implementation of various joint projects with the guests was discussed. Introducing the guests to the participants, Rector dwelt on each of their services in the strengthening of cultural ties with Azerbaijan. Academician of the Georgian Academy of Educational Sciences, Professor Teymur Jaqonoshvili said that special training programs have been taught in Georgia for already several years and that the Azerbaijanis have also learned the Georgian language, culture and history within these programs. He noted that it is planned to open a branch of Baku International Multiculturalism Center at Georgian Technical University. Master classes and relation of different exchange programs are planned in this branch. Another participant of the meeting, Director of the Institute for Translation and International Relations at Strasbourg University, Ekhart Hötzel said the roundtable had great opportunities to discuss cooperation in various fields: "Our task is to be closer to each other crossing the borders. We have no way but to develop multiculturalism. "E.Hotzel also touched upon the proposal of Rector of AUL K.Abdulla to open the Center of Azerbaijani language and culture at Strasbourg University. He said that Rector of University that he represented responded positively to this proposal: "I think that this Center will play a special role in promoting the Azerbaijani language and culture". Responding him, Acad.KAbdulla said Strasbourg University has good traditions: "We will try to strengthen bridges between our peoples and universities." Dean of the Turkish Atilim University Ayfar Altay said that she had been cooperating with AUL since 2008. She mentioned that the appropriate steps will be taken to implement joint projects between her University and AUL. Professor of Georgian Technical University Gurad Gvenadze expressed his satisfaction with the level of Azerbaijani students. Hecharacterized them as high world view people. Professor of Tbilisi State University, President of the Georgian Academy of Educational Sciences David Gotseridze spoke about preparations  to the sectional meeting entitled "The Role of Heydar Aliyev in the Establishment of Azerbaijani-Georgian relations" at the first session of the I International Scientific Conference "Heydar Aliyev: the Ideology of Multiculturalism and Tolerance" dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev. Touching upon the cooperation between the Universities of Azerbaijan and Georgia, professor congratulated Rector of AUL Acad. K.Abdulla on his election as a Full Member to the Academy and presented the corresponding diploma and mantle to Rector. In his turn, Acad.K. Abdulla expressed his gratitude to him for being awarded with this title and thanked for his election to the Academy the guest for being a Full Member of the Academy, distinguished by his outstanding scientific achievements. The meeting ended with the discussion of other issues causing mutual interest.