The translator of the American Ambassador met with the students


On May 23, the translator of the American Ambassador Khagani Aliyev met with the students of Translation Faculty. During the meeting, he spoke about the types of translation, verbal and written translation, mistakes during the translation process, similar and distinctive features between synchronous and sequential translation, translation stages, skills required in the translation process.

Khagani Aliyev touched the issue of time limitation and noted that spelling, re-questioning etc. were inavailable in synchronous interpretation. He said that the brain had to transmit information rapidly in a synchronized translation and it had three stages. These stages are active listening, processing, and rendering.

He said that it was necessary to predict information and to express the idea in a compact manner, and the vocabulary should be rich in both languages during synchronous translation. Khagani Aliyev added that the translator should be well-prepared, attentive and well-dressed.

The meeting ended with questions and answers of the students.