Students of Azerbaijan University of Languages at Gobustan National Park


The students of the Faculty of International Relations and Management paid a visit to Gobustan National Park. It was organized by PhD in history Şəlalə Bağırova, associate-professor of the Chair of the Caucasian Studies of Azerbaijan University of Languages

It is known that every year May 18 is marked by the world cultural community as the Day of International Museums. In this regard Gobustan National Park organized an “Open Door”. Other national parks, reservations and museums declared an open door. During the excursion the students firstly watched the rock paintings under the open air. Beginning with the primeval times, the rock paintings reflecting the stages of historical development of the society are of great importance for the history as a science. It caused the interest of students in the life of the ancient men. At the same time the students visited a museum existing there and got acquainted with its exhibits.