Seminar on “The Establishment of the Israeli State and the Basic Law”


Seminar on “The Establishment of the Israeli State and the Basic Law” was held at the presentation of Höküma Abbasova, senior lecturer of the Chair of Regional Studies and leading expert of the Ministry of Education on the topic “Establishment of the Israeli State and the Basic Law.

 Höküma Abbasova gave comprehensive information on the history of the establishment of the Israeli State formation history, on its political system, elections to the Knesset and the Knesset itself.  She noted that, the ideas of formation of the Israeli State by Teodor Herzel, who is called the father of Israel, is reflected in his book “Jewish State”.

 Shedding light on the processes taking place before the establishment of the Jewish state, the confrontation and problems after its establishment, the Arab-Israeli conflict, its solution, and the participants of the seminar held discussions on the Constitution of Israel.

Thus, the absence of a constitution in the country and the Basic Law, which replaced it was one of the problems on the agenda. It is noted that the religious and secular Jews have different views on it. The secular Jews think that it is normal, but the approach of the religious Jews is different, they reject it.

 After giving comprehensive information on the topic the questions of the participants were replied.