Presentation of “French-Azerbaijani Socio-Political Dictionary”


On May 15, 2019, there was held the presentation of “French-Azerbaijani Socio-Political Dictionary” at Azerbaijan University of Languages. It has been compiled by Ülfət İbrahim, associate-professor, PhD in philology, chief of the Chair of the Phonetics and Grammar of the French Language.

The presentation ceremony was attended by Professor Əfqan Abdullayev, vice-rector on academic issues, associate-professor Sevinc Zeynalova, vice-rector on science and innovation issues, associate-professor Tamam Cəfərova, vice-rector on social issues and public relations, Professor Əskər Zeynalov spoke about the dictionary and its use.

Then associate-professor Firuzə Rzayeva, head of MA Departmentç congratulated the author of the dictionary and disclosed her views about it.

It should be noted that the dictionary has been compiled for students, who learn it as their first languge in school of education,, for non-specialists, diplomats, translators and for those who translate independently from French into Azerbaijani socio-political texts.