“Ilham Aliyev – the New Leader of the New Age”


Doctor of philology on philosophy Gulşen Maharramova held a round table entitled “Ilham Aliyev – the New Leader of the New Age” in the 304a group of English Language Lexicology and Stylistics 2 under the Faculty of Education of AUL.Associate Professor Mehriban Huseynova, Head of the Department, stressed that Ilham Aliyev is the Leader of the Century. She noted: “President Ilham Aliyev has brought Azerbaijan to the list of the world’s most developed countries by bringing new breath to our lives through well-thought-out reforms and wise decisions. At the center of his policy is a human factor, to build up an action, to bring people to a better day, a more prosperous life. To serve the people, to be the President of every Azerbaijani is his philosophy of life”.

      It was noted in the speeches of the students:  “The President draws attention with respectable, courageous, logical expressions of influential international organizations – the UN, NATO, OSCE chairpersons, maintains national interests at all levels, and pursues an independent foreign policy. His views and opinions are respected in search of ways out of global crises.

In the foreign policy concept of President Ilham Aliyev, a fair settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is of particular importance.As a result of successful diplomacy, influential international organizations acknowledge that justice are on the side of Azerbaijan and recognize Armenia as an aggressor state.

       Azerbaijan President  Ilham Aliyev attaches great importance to adjusting the foreign policy at the time of rapid development of the world, changing international relations and emerging new issues and new challenges in the globalizing world.Particular attention is paid to the development of bilateral and multilateral relations with all countries of the world and to the strengthening of equal rights”.