“Body language” Training at Azerbaijan University of Languages


“Body Language” training has been organized by the Department of Education and Work with the Students of Azerbaijan University of Languages. It was led by Sənan Nəcəfov, who is a graduate from Azerbaijan Technical University and Brno University of Czech Republic, employee of the Council of the State Support to the Non-Governmental Organizations attached to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, editor of QHT.az website, Neuro-Linguistic Programming master.

He spoke on such topics such as “Speaking to the crowd”, “The techniques of establishing communication via NLP”, “How to use the body language”, “How to control the crowd”.

Some videos and slides were also demonstrated.

During the training the students got necessary information about the ways of understanding mimics and gestures, as well as to analyze the posture and look of the person in front of you. They were also given some information for having an effective speech during the presentations.