Azerbaijan University of Language was Represented in the General Assembly of the Association of Turkic Universities


On April 22-25, 2019, the fourth General Assembly of the Association of Turkic Universities was held in the town of Türküstan of Kazakhstan. Azerbaijan University of Language was represented by Sərraf Hüseynov, advisor of the rector on public issues. Association Turkic Universities, of which Azerbaijan University of Language is a member, unites 25 authoritative universities of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Association of Turkic Universities is a platform, which creates conditions for the exchange of students, MA students, persons working for PhD degrees, for the conduction and implementation of different projects into life on academic plane and is targeting to cover other universities of the Turkic speaking countries.

Əhmət Yasəvi University, where the Assembly was held, proposed to sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with Azerbaijan University of Languages, which was welcomed by the administration of Azerbaijan University of Languages. The memorandum was signed ceremonially. The parties exchanged presents. The memorandum allows  exchange of students, implementation of joint projects into life and conduction of conferences.

During the visit the representatives of the participant universities exchanged views on cooperation with  Azerbaijan University of Language in future.