AUL meets the Assistant Professor of International University of Linguistics of Kiev



On May 29, with the organizational support of both Chair of Linguistic studies and the Azerbaijani Studies Scientific Research Laboratory (SRL), a meeting with a Head of Turkology Chair of Kiev International Linguistic University of Ukraine, Associate Professor Timkova Tatyana Mikhailovna , was held at AUL.

Head of the Azerbaijan studies Chair PROFESSOR Adil Babayev spoke of the problems of the modern Turkology and of the first Turkology Congress ,which took place in 1926.

Then the Head of the of Azerbaijani Studies Scientific Research laboratory (SRL) PhD in history Akshin Rustamov spoke of the Turkology science and of its historical path.

Associate Professor Tatyana Timkova reported on the Turkology teaching in Ukraine.

The participants also discussed Azerbaijani language and literature teaching in Kiev International Linguistic University.