School of Education

Dear students, Welcome to the School of Education!

Our School trains highly qualified English, German and French language teachers, who will be able to work for our country, but also outside the country. The School began its activity since the early days of the university and the 2017 was a year of real reforms. More precisely, a new era – the era of the changes started. Our School offers different academic programs at undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. Experts in their field known in the country and abroad are teaching classes.

Dear students! The necessary skills, knowledge and skills to master all conditions – effective, creative learning environment, new curricula, new textbooks, in ICT-based learning, research centers, student-teacher relations, mutual respect and transparency and so on. waiting for you. Relations with leading universities around the world of our School will be a window to the world for you. In other words, every day you will meet good news full of events. There is still much work to be done. You can also be part of the work to be done and if you want to live the life of a student, without any hesitation come to the School of Education with reputation and style.


Dean of the School of Education, Professor, PhD

Fikret Fetish Jahangir

Tel: (+99412) 441 22 7879 (extension 113)