The School of Regional studies and International Relations

The School of Regional Studies and International Relations began its function in 2001-2002 academic year. For the first time appeared as the  School of “European Studies” at the School of “English Language and Regional Studies”. 53 students were the first graduates on bachelor degree on the specialty of “European Studies” were the first graduates of the faculty in 2001-2002.In 2001-2005 school year the first dean of the School was Associate Professor Yasif Malik Murshudov. From January 2006 to May 2013 Majid Ibad Aliyev was a dean of the School.

Since 2013, the position of Dean of the School takes Associate Professor Anar Rustam Nagiyev, deputy deans are Korkmaz Khankishi Mustafayev and Assistant Professor Asif Mukhtar Abbasov. N.T.Nasibova holds the position methodologist, Z.F, Mammadova is a tutor, and A.S. Mammadova, M.P.Gurbanova, A.F.Hasanova and L.M.Abbasova  are assistants at the School.

The School consists of the following departments:

Social Sciences,

Regional Studies,

International Relations,

Foreign Languages,

Information Technology.

The School has a specialty Regional Studies (Great Britain, Germany, France, America, Scandinavia, the Caucasus, Israel and the Middle East, India, Central and Eastern Europe and Indonesia, Japan, Argentina, China and Arab countries) and International Relations. Teaching at the School is organized in two shifts (Monday-Friday 08:30 – 18:30).

Currently, the School of Regional Studies and Bachelor’s degree in international relations 860 students are educated. The total number of undergraduate students, I course is 209 by 22 groups of students II course – 195 people 20 groups of students III year – 211 people 20 groups and VI students of the course – 206 people on 19 teams. The number of students who failed to graduate from the university during the academic year (V-VII year) is 39 people.

Students of the School of Regional Studies and International Relations annually are able to one-year study in Norway, Germany, France, Poland, Japan, China, Indonesia, on the basis of a variety of educational programs (Erasmus Mundus, MEXT), and take part in summer schools.