Rector’s Adviser for Social Affairs

Aladdin Hasan oghlu Aliyev

Born in 1940 in Nakhchivan

Studied at secondary school #1 in 1949-1959

Served in the Army in 1959-1962

In 1963-1964 Aladdin Aliyev worked at Nakhchivan State Television, in 1969 graduated the Faculty of Librarianship at Azerbaijan State University (the present Baku State University) with honours and was sent by the assignment of the Ministry of Education to work at Azerbaijan State Library after M.F.Akhundzadeh (the present National Library) where he worked till 1982. Since 1982 he has associated his life with Azerbaijan University of Languages (the former Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages) where he was appointed the Director of the Library.

In the 1980s he was the member of the Faculty Party Bureau and further the Institute Party Bureau, and in 1987 was elected the Chair of the Teachers Trade Union.

As a student he published an article “The Bibliography of Country Studies in Azerbaijan” in “The Scientific Works” of Azerbaijan University of Languages, and after graduation from the University he studied by correspondence in the post-graduation course of the University, at the same time published a number of articles on his disssertation theme. The bibliographic reference “The Oil Industry in Azerbaijan” he published in 1977 remained to be the only scientific source in this field for a long time.

A.Aliyev was the Vice-rector for Personal Development at Azerbaijani Univeristy of Languages from 2000 to July 2017.

At the initiative of A.Aliyev, who has always attached great importance to the organization of the personal development issues at the Univeristy up to date, for the first time among the Universities of the Republic, Azerbaijan University of Languages held a national conference “The Theoretical and Practical Problems of Personal Development” where the leading experts of the Republic took an active part.

While witnessing many achievements of the University, A.Aliyev, who has spent 36 years of his life at Azerbaijan University of Languages, has also researched its developmental path and published a book “The History of Azerbaijan University of Languages” in the volume of about 40 printer’s sheets in 2005.

In February 1993 A.Aliyev founded the primary organization of New Azerbaijan Party at Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages together with a group of teachers and was its leader until 2017.