The School of Philology and Journalism of Azerbaijan University of Languages distinguishes by the variety and diversity of qualifications.

Thus, in relations with many of the world’s leading universities the school grow not only philologists in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Azeri languages and even journalists capable to influence and educate the public including the information covering social life in all spheres. Courses taught at the school are actual and interesting. The students, who can operate in various countries around the world, will be highly qualified language experts are taught stylistics, speech culture, country studies, ethics, radio journalism, photojournalism and others. In addition elective courses are presented in accordance with their profiles and the wishes.

Overall, creative, effective and high-quality teaching environment organized by teachers who are true expert in their profession, working with innovative methods, are carried out in ICT-based teaching rooms, research centers.

Dean of School:PhD Aghabayli Vusala Elkhan

Tel: (+99412) 564 06 83


History of the school

The school of Philology and Journalism of Azerbaijan University of Languages was established on the basis of joining of the schools of French and German languages and the school of Philology as to  order, February 07, 2013 signed by the rector of the university, Professor Samad Seyidov. Although general history of the school is new, its infrastructure has specific and unique history. Present day school of Philology and Journalism has past based on stable foundation, today, holding the pulse of the time, and hopeful future. A special educational program named “filyer” was applied in the history of the school, experiment of “filyer” was increased and involved all the school. As a result of that experiment, experimental groups activate at the school that is a sample of partnership of AUL with the universities of France and Germany.

The high structure of the school is Academic Council. The Academic Council of the school of which has 17 members holds meetings once a month. Problems concerning the school are discussed here and appropriate decisions are adopted.

Student staff of the school: 1360 bachelors and 92 masters

Young staff is preferred, and a special attention is given them.

Working of foreign teachers at the school is a tradition. At present teachers of German language and French language are involved to education.

Regular work regime was created with scientific division. an active participation of the teaching staff of the school at scientific  Conferences held within the university and the Republic, consists main part of daily activity of the school. The whole teaching staff of the school is engaged with scientific works: some of them are engaged with doctoral candidacy, the other with dissertation candidacy, and the others work on scientific works.

The school has partnership with The Student Scientific Society. Students address their lectures at scientific conferences, present their thesis.

Representatives of the school are active participants of events. The Student Youth Organization and Student Trade Union works actively and join leader students of the school to their rows.

The future of the school is in the hands of disciplined, educated, smart students patriots who have a great potential, students who have large outlook.

International relations

International relations are developing at the school. Representatives of the universities of Germany and France teach at the school. The school of Philogy and journalism of Azerbaijan University of Languages  supporting insistent position of the university holding in this development way, development policy at our republic, purposefulness  in the raising of the quality of education.

Bachelor degree



English language and literature
French language and literature
German language and literature
Spain language and literature
Azerbaijani language and literature
Teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature
Teaching of  English language and literature
Teaching of  French language and literature
Teaching of French language and literature
Teaching of Russian language and literature
Teaching of French language
Teaching of German language

Master’s degree



Linguistics (german language)
Linguistics (french language)
General linguistics
Comprative linguistics
Azerbaijani literature
Azerbaijani language
Education methodics and methodology of Azerbajani language
Education methodics and methodology of EMFL (french language)
Education methodics and methodology of EMFL (french language) (german language)
Literature study (english literature)
Literature study (german language)