Professor Kamal Silay:-“We have excellent relations with the Azerbaijan University of Languages”.


On June 22 “Silk Road: between Central Asia and China” International Conference was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). We are pleased to introduce you the impressions of one of the participants, Indiana University Professor, “Turkish Flagship” Program Director Kamal Silay.

“This is the 3rd conference, organized by both Beijing and Indiana Universities. The first one was held in Beijing, we could continue like that, but we decided to promote the events  at the international  level.

The 2nd Conference was held at Indiana University.

I have chosen Baku as the 3rd Conference’ venue , because I have friendly relations with the Azerbaijan University of Languages and I know Kamal Abdullayev, Jale Garibova and others teachers as very responsible persons we can rely on ; and that would be very important for further enhancing our partnership. I’m grateful to Kamal Abdullayev and to Jale Garibova for they agreed to accept our proposal.

Now we are happy to be in Baku and that was our right decision.

Next year Conference will take place at Ankara University. We want to hold the Conferences all over the world.  It helps the development of the inter-university cooperation, knowledge exchange and meeting people of different cultures. Such practice seems very productive and I can take it as an intellectual reward. During the Conference in China along with working I was also enjoying city’s view, people, cuisine etc.

I prefer Azerbaijan among other countries and I want our relations to be always developing .

Brotherly countries Azerbaijan and Turkey, as leaders Heydar Aliyev and Ataturk always noted, they have similar interests and great potential.

I know that Azerbaijan and Turkey are reflecting each other. That means our 2 nations live in peace and harmony and it’s our aim to develop our relationships in economic, education and military fields.

I suppose launching  Turkology Department at Azerbaijan University and its Azerbaijani equivalent in Turkey could be a great idea.

I love Baku, it’s such a big city, but you can never feel lonely there.

For me it’s a city of literature. The Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet lived in Baku for a long time. His impressions were reflected in his literary works, he was much in love with the city, its people and its language.

Every time I come to Baku I feel the same.”