Media Tour for the Observation of the Examination Session at Azerbaijan University of Languages


 On June 12, 2019, a media tour was organized at Azerbaijan University of Languages for observing the process of the summer examination session of 2018-2019 academic year. The media tour was participated by Aqil Abbas, writer and, member of the Azerbaijani parliament, education experts professor Şahlar Əsgərov, PhD in philosophy Etibar Əliyev, PhD in history Kamran Əsədov, assistant of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “525”  Seyfəddin Hüseynli, editor-in-chief of  website “Moderator” Zülfiqar Hüseynzadə and others. They observed the process of examinations in several auditoriums and got information on checking the answers of students. They disclosed their views connected with examinations and exchanged views.

Rector of the University, People’s Writer of Azerbaijan, academician Kamal Abdulla met the guests and said that he was pleased to see them at the University. He spoke about the novelties implemented into life  in the organization of the examination session. He said that the duration of the time for the examinations has been increased from two to three hours, considerations of appeals of the students have been organized till the beginning of the next examinations, the examination rooms have been supplied with subject programs and dictionaries. He added that the teachers and students of the University are taking part in the conduction of pedagogical practice of students in schools of refugees and internally displaced persons in different districts and towns of the republic and it has already become a tradition.The rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages expressed the hope that the pedagogical practice of students in such schools will successfully continue in the future.

Speaking about the international relations of the University the rector said that the quality of education has recently improved and new education programs have been successfully implemented into life. He declared that the adminstration of the country – President Ilham Aliyev and the first vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva have special services in them. Speaking about the conditions created for the students and teachers, the rector mentioned the new education programs and about the undertaken steps for  improving the quality of education. He said that each student think of the University as his/her own home and the relations of the students and teachers must be built properly. The relations of teachers and students have been built on sincerity, which favours the further development of education.

Writer, member of the Azerbaijani parliament Aqil Abbas, education experts  professor Şahlar Əsgərov, PhD in philosophy Etibar Əliyev, PhD in history Kamran Əsədov, members of the Council of Parents of the University and others disclosed their views concerning the relations of teachers and students, mentioned the successes of the University and disclosed their views on the text books and guides, the process of examination.

It was declared that Azerbaijan University of Languages has a distinct authority among the higher schools of the republic, which is an indication that the teaching staff and and students cope with the tasks laid on them duly.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan University of Languages  has begun the spring semester of  the summer session on the 3rd of June and it will continue till the 5th of July. The time between the examinations has been determined two days, the duration of the examination – three hours.

An examination headquarter has been instituted for rendering assistance to the organization of the spring semester of  the summer session of 2018-2019 academic year in consistence with the existing rules, for ensuring the objectivity and transparency in  the assessment of the knowledge of students, for taking legal steps against the persons who commit mistakes and violations in the organization and in the process of examinations.

At the same time telephones of Azerbaijan University of Languages 441-58-63, 440-64-82, 564-06-51 and [email protected], website have been declared a hot mail.