“Graduation Day” was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages


On June 28 “Graduation Day” for the bachelors’ and master’s degree students 2018/2019 was held at Azerbaijan Language University.

AUL Rector, People’s writer, full member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), made a speech congratulating the graduates and wishing them success in their further activities.

Mentioning that this day is one of the most important days for graduates, Rector said that the today’s joy is nevertheless accompanied with sadness:-“We all are as glad as our students. But the happy smile is combined with the sadness in our eyes- because today we bid farewell to the former students. They don’t feel feeling the same way by now, but some time later they will certainly miss their alma mater, their teachers and lessons.

I want them to carry the honor of AUL graduate to realize our country’s President’s beliefs.

Azerbaijani President’s dedicated work will undoubtedly produce positive results.

One more generation of adult people, sincerely devoted to their Motherland, family and nation and whose social interests prevail over private concerns are now joining our ranks and will always be there for us.

I wish them courage in the face of challenges to carry the honor of their country, their President and their flag and to be happy.

The University will miss you and is always happy to meet them again.

You are now joining our brilliant graduates’ ranks; and don’t forget to keep in touch with us.

No matter what job awaits for you, the university will always remain your alma mater.

We’ll do our best to continue developing and to make our students and graduates happy and successful people.

May your life journey be long, peaceful and successful.  You are always on our minds.”

Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Management Ibrahim Kazimbeyli ,on behalf of students’ parents, expressed his appreciation of favorable education environment , provided here for  students.

He expressed his confidence in graduates’ unique abilities and skills which would help them to succeed.

I.Kazimbeyli wished the graduates success and good health.

The University Management Representatives- Vice- Rector for Academic Affairs, Professor Afgan Abdullayev; Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, Dean Sevinj Zeynalova; Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Journalistics, Professor Shahin Halilli; Dean of the Faculty of Translation and Cultural Studies Banovsha Mammadova- presented their speeches.

Graduates shared their students’ memories, saying they felt proud to be AUL students. They expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their tireless work and then they congratulated their classmates, wishing them success in their further activities.

Graduates with the highest points achieved honors degree diplomas.

Students, who took active part in the social life, were awarded with honorary certificates.

The event was followed by the entertainment part of the programme.