Cooperation with Language University will be continued”- Impressions of the Conference participants


On June 22-23 “Silk Road: between Central Asia and China” International Conference was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).

We are pleased to introduce you the impressions of the participants.

Vice Dean of the History Department of Zan Tao Beijing University, told: – “I’m Organizing Committee Member. We had considered several countries for the Conference venue-Istanbul, Ankara, Samarkand.

There are some reasons why we chose Baku. Baku is the modern city, the centre of Eurasia. |We are very excited to hold the Conference here.

The project has been realized as the result of cooperation between Indiana and Beijing Universities.

The first part of the project was held in Beijing, the second part- in Indiana.

The Conference was held with the organizational support of Central Eurasia Studies Department of Indiana University and of History Department of Beijing University.

Conference was dedicated to Silk Road, the trade route between Eurasia and China. We wanted the project to be extended beyond Beijing and Bloomington’s borders.

Such projects help us to find new partners and participants, and to give us the opportunity to communicate with different culture representatives.  We chose Baku now and then we will continue the project realization with Tang Research fund’s support.

It`s my first visit to Baku. I`ve heard a lot about Azerbaijan and its role in oil and other industry fields’ production. But I thought that there are many factories everywhere, but here I can see a beautiful, neat, modern city.

We visited Old City and understood that Baku organically combines modern and ancient parts, being the perfect example of such mixture.”

Head of Central Eurasia Studies Department of Indiana University Jamsheed Choksy says:-

“The reason why we chose Baku for the venue is that this is very important city of the Silk Road and it has good relations with both China and Europe. And the language University itself plays an important role. This institution has many advantages. We were happy to know that Rector, Academician Kamal Abdullayev and  Vice- Rector on International Relations Jale Garibova were ready to meet us at their University.

Fast developing Baku represents the perfectl  Conference venue in the post -Soviet area. Invaluable opportunities for intellectual development , provided by the University, attracted our attention.

The various aspects of the process of past and present relations development between China and West in Silk Road context ; language, cultural, religious, goods and food exchange issues were discussed at the Conference.

We hope that the cooperation between our three universities will always be strengthening and will bear fruit for all the participants.

That was my first visit to Baku. Baku reminds us of Central Asia and Europe Unity.

It’s a multinational city with postmodern architecture, along with original designed buildings and a broad boulevard.