A regular Seminar of “Turkology” Journal was held


At the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) a regular International Seminar of the “Turkology” Journal took place.

 The event was attended by the Head of the Chair of Turkic languages of Kiev National Linguistic University of the Ukraine, the Associate Professor Tatyana Timkova.

 At the opening of the event The Chief Editor of the Journal, AUL Rector, the Academician Kamal Abdullayev pointed out that the Seminar`s main purpose is to hold the joint discussions about the achievements and problems of the Turkology with the famous turkologists, to introduce the young scientist to the living legends of the Science; to promote the development of the Science and to form the closer connection with another fields of Science.

The Academician also noted that “Turkology” Journal covers many areas of the science, unlike its predecessor.

Tatyana Timkova talked  about the turkological research in Ukraine. Speaking of the teaching of the turkic languages in Ukraine she mentioned that now they also teach Azerbaijani language and the literature.

T.Timkova added that the turkological studies are widespread in Ukraine and are conducted in the range of the Universities.

 Then the Executive Secretary of “Turkology” Journal, the Doctor of Philosophy Elchin Ibragimov pointed out that the idea of organizing this Seminar within the framework of the Journal`s activity  belongs to the Editor-in- Chief of the Journal , Academician Kamal Abdullayev.

Elchin Ibragimov told the Seminar`s participants about the extensive and integrated research in turkology studies.

 At the end of the event T.Timkova expressed her gratitude to the participants of the Seminar and shared the impressions of the country, told about the friendliness and hospitality of the locals and spoke about her warm feelings towards Azerbaijan. The interest in our country motivated the guest to study its history, language, culture and literature.

The Staff of the Turkic language Department of the Institute of Linguistic named after Nasimi, of the National Academy of Science; Staff of “Turkology” Journal along with the students of Baku State University, Baku Engineering University, Khazar University and Baku Eurasian University took part at the event.

At the end of the event the guest from the Ukraine was presented with a gift.