The Students of Azerbaijan University of Languages Gave Trainings in Maştağa


On May 15, 2019, the third year students of “Sabah” groups (S 301-1 and S 301-2) of Azerbaijan University of Languages Şükürlü Ləman, Mirzəcanzadə İlhamə, Cəfərli Nigar gave trainings for the pupils of 9th form of the High School 255 in Maştağa. The topics were “Conflict and the ways of their solution”, “Stress”, “AIDS” and so on.

The purpose of the trainings were to form an impression on the minds of the pupils on the importance of getting accustomed to the norms and systems of behavior approved and adopted by the society, on negative results of the violation of the norms of culture, morals and law, and their harmful effects on organism and life of the people.   The students organized large discussions and group work together with the pupils.