“The One million pound bank note” was staged at the Faculty of Translation


On May 24, M.Twain’s “The One million pound bank note”, devoted to the “28 May”, was demonstrated at the Azerbaijan University of  Languages. The performance was staged in English by students studying English at the Faculty of Translation under the direction of the department of foreign languages ​​.

The rector’s advisor Osmanlı Anar, the translator of the American Embassy ​​Aliyev Khagani, the dean of the translation faculty, Mammadova Banovsha, the chief of the department of translation and interpretation of Roman languages Guliyeva Aynur.

Translator Khagani Aliyev touched on the values ​​of multiculturalism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and highly appreciated the young students’ fluent speaking in English.

İn the end, Anar Osmanlı said that the performance devoted to the “28 May” Republic Day was organized at high level and he congratulated the students.