The meeting was arranged about the rights of the students on Translation Faculty


On May 21, Abdulali Ismayilov,  the rector’s counselor on the control of execution, met with the students of the Translation Faculty. Senior lawyer of legal section  Mustafayev Ali, the advisor to the rector Osmanlı Anar, dean of the faculty of additional training and practical training Ismayilov Mammad and dean of the Faculty of  Translation Mammadova Banovsha attended the meeting.

The main goal of the meeting was informing the students about the rights  according to the Legislation of Azerbaijan Republic. These rights include scholarship issues, credit system, student rights etc.

At the meeting it was noted that students can apply to the lawyer of the university for different law issues.

Taking into account the social situation, students from different categories (the students whose parents died, martyrs’ children, refugees, the students with low life standarts, and parents with disabilities) have the rights to get additional salary form the budget of AUL.

In the end, Osmanlı Anar advised all the students to get acknowledged their rights and follow the discipline rules.