The Conference “Heydar Aliyev: Multiculturalism and the Ideology of Tolerance” Held in Azerbaijan University of Languages Ended with Great Success


There was held the closing ceremony of the Second International Scientific Conference “Heydar Aliyev: Multiculturalism and the Ideology of Tolerance” organized by Azerbaijan University of Languages with the support of New Azerbaijani Party devoted to the  96th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev.

Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages academician Kamal Abdulla spoke of the first international conference held for the same purpose last year. He declared that the conference finished its work successfully; it could reach its goal and fulfill its objectives duly. He noted that the dissemination of the scale of the conference to schools displays the teaching of the ideology of Heydar Aliyev, as well as the care rendered to schools by the University.

The conference acquires great importance from the point of view of recognition of the Azerbaijani education on the international plane and exchange of experience. He added that the sittings of sections were held in different schools of Azerbaijan, including the schools for the children of internally displaced persons and refugees. It renders assistance to the formation of pupils as worthy citizens of Azerbaijan.

From the point of view of cooperation the importance of the conference is that the international community becomes aware of the education policy of Heydar Aliyev and of the propagation of multicultural values try to profit from the application of a new multicultural model. This model is the multicultural model of Azerbaijan.

Kamal Abdulla stressed particularly that the ideology of Azerbaijaniism embodies the idea of multiculturalism and tolerance determined by Heydar Aliyev, national leader of the Azerbaijani people. According to Heydar Aliyev tolerance and multiculturalism was one of the important factors, which conditioned the monolith of the society.

He declared that the representatives of different languages and cultures have been living in Azerbaijan in peace and in conditions of mutual understanding, there are Christian, Jewish and other communities in Azerbaijan and creation of favourable conditions for them is a visual proof of it. At present great importance is attached to multiculturalism in socio-political life of Azerbaijan.

He stressed that such conferences would be continued as a debt for the devotion to Heydar Aliyev for his services to the Azerbaijani people. He noted the importance of taking part in it.

Kamal Abdulla thanked the foreign guests and also the persons who have taken part in the conferences held in schools for the internally displaced persons and refugees. He stressed their services in the organization and conduction of the conference and added that the conference would expand its scale in future more and contribute to education in Azerbaijan.

Associate-professor Tamam Cəfərova, vice-rector on social issues and public relations, who had taken part in the section of the conference in the village of Cocuq Mərcanlı high school, said that the conference has evoked great interest in the regions. She stressed the professional activities of the members of the New Azerbaijani Party, who took part in the organization of the conference, and said that the international conference caused great interest in teachers and pupils. Then the floor was given to the teachers, who took part in sections, and to moderators.

Associate-professor Arif Əsədov, moderator of the session, which took place in Cəbrail High School located in the District of Sabirabad, declared that the conference was well organized, teachers and pupils took part in it enthusiastically.

Associate-professor Sevdagül Əliyeva, member of the delegation of the conference, who attended the session of the conference in Ağdam High School 47 located in Mingəçevir, said that the conference was the first one of this kind held in the history of Azerbaijan.

He noted the importance of the works done by the University on this occasion.

Moderator Ceyhun Aliyev spoke about the importance of the conference and of the high interest in it.

Then the floor was given to Bənövşə Məmmədova, dean of the Faculty of Translation. She said that the session of the section of the conference held in Nardaran High School distinguished with its scale and importance, which was a novelty in the education of Azerbaijan. She stressed that the section of the conference was met with great interest.

Professors Məsməxanım Qazıyeva, Həbib Zərbəliyev, associate-professors Məmməd Əliyev, İbrahim Kazımbeyli said that the conference ended successfully and in future it will follow new directions.