The 1160th anniversary of Novgorod was Celebrated at Azerbaijan University of Languages


On May 21, 2019, a round-table was held on the occasion of the 1160th anniversary of the foundation of Novgorod at Azerbaijan University of Languages.

It was jointly organized by the Centre of the Russian Studies of Azerbaijan University of Languages and the Russian Centre of Information and Culture.

Associate-professor Sevinc Zeynalova, vice-rector on researches of Azerbaijan University of Languages, took part at the round table.

Professor Məmməd Əliyev, head of the Research Laboratory of the Russian Studies gave information about the event. He said that Novgorod with its culture, architectural monuments and history played a significant role in geography of Russia. Məmməd Əliyev spoke about the events and meetings and the activity of the Research Laboratory of the Russian Studies.

Aslan Müslümzadə, Sona Zeynalova, Nigar Məmmədli, Cəmilə Kazımova, second -year students of the Faculty of International Relations and Management, spoke about the legendary heroes, architecture, distinguished men and history of Novgorod and about other issues.

Diana Hüseynzadə, research fellow of the Laboratory, senior teacher of the Chair of Regional Studies, made a speech on the topic “Great Novgorod – Homeland of the Orthodox”.

At the end Lyubov Yakunina, coordinator of educational programs of the Centre of Russian Information and Culture in Baku, thanked the organizers of the event. She recommended to the participants to continue the organization of such joint events and to get acquainted with the culture of Russia.