Selective Competition of the Chinese Language Bridge at Azerbaijan University of Languages


The final selective Tenth International “Chinese Language Bridge” competition in Azerbaijan was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages.  The competition was held among the school children under the motto of “Learn the Chinese Language and Build Your Future”.

The competition was organized by the support of the Embassy of China to Azerbaijan, the State Office of China – headquarters of the Confucian Institutes on the propagation of the Chinese language. The pupils of different high schools, students of the Chinese language courses took part in the competition. Jen Khaynin, chief of the Political Department of the Chinese Embassy to Azerbaijan, declared that the purpose of the competition was to make the pupils of the schools of Azerbaijan demonstrate their knowledge on the Chinese Language and culture. He wished successes to the participants of the competition in learning the Chinese language and make their contributions to strengthening the cooperation between Azerbaijan and China by means of this “language bridge”.

Jalə Qəribova, vice-rector of the University on International Relations, stressed the importance of  expansion of the Azerbaijani-Chinese cooperation in the sphere of education and wished successes in learning the Chinese language.

Rafiq Abbasov, director of the Confucian Institute, noted that interest in the study of the Chinese language and culture among the Azerbaijani youth has grown. The number of the Azerbaijani youth, who study in different higher educational institutions of China, has also grown. He stressed the importance of the signature of  “the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China on cooperation in the sphere of education in 2016-2019” in the frames of the visit of the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to China.  The final tournament was held in several stages in Azerbaijan. The participants spoke in Chinese on the given topics, answered to the questions on the Chinese culture and demonstrated artistic pieces. The representatives of the embassy of China in Azerbaijan, who acted in the capacity of judges, appreciated the speeches of the pupils. According to the results of the competition the winners will take part in the finals of the competition and get education in China. During the appreciation the pupil of the Confucian Institute of Azerbaijan University of Languages Həsənova Xədicə won the second place.