School Children Came on an Excursion to Azerbaijan University of Languages


 The school practice of the students of Azerbaijan University of Languages for the 2018-2019 school-year is conducted in different schools of Baku. The fourth year students of groups 441a, 441b, 441c of the Faculty of Philology and Journalistics have their school practice in High School 214 in Nizami District of Baku.

The methodologists of the practice associate-professor Yeganə Hacıyeva, assistant of the dean of the Faculty of Philology and Journalistics on education Səbinə Əliyeva and assistant of the dean on school practice PhD in pedagogics Afət Nəmətova organized the excursion of the pupils of the fifthc form and the class leader Hüseynova Sahilə were on an excursion at Azerbaijan University of Languages. The opening of the excursion began with the openning speech of the collobarator of the Faculty of Philology and Journalistics Lalə Nəsibzadə, then Afət Nəmətova thanked the administration of the High School 214  for the organization of the excursion, for the attention paid to the students who are having their practice in their school.

The pupils watched the documentary  dedicated to Heydar Aliyev, national leader of the Azerbaijani people, in the museum, which bears his name. Then the guests were given a letter of gratitude on behalf of the Faculty of Philology and Journalistics.

Then the pupils met the staff of the Chair of the Azerbaijani Linguistics, including associate-professor, PhD in philology  Fazil Əhmədov, senior teacher Ofelya Babayeva.

The pupils called on the American School, too. Director of the Centre Şəhla Xudiyeva gave them information on the Centre and the events, which will be organized there in the nearest future.