Probationer students Held an Event Called “We Learn English with Love”


There was held an event “We learn English with Love” organized by the students who have their pedagogical practice at High School 240 in Nəsimi District of Baku. The probationer students are supervised by Mirsadiq Cəfərov, senior teacher of the Chair of Innovations in Training at Azerbaijan University of Languages. The event was held in order to give an impetus to the improvement of teaching English at school. Extracts from “King Liar” by William Shakespeare and “Pygmalion” by Bernard Show, as well as the poem “Azerbaijan” by Samad Vurgun and the story “The Last Leaf” by O’ Henry were recited both in English and Azerbaijani. Pupils also sang some songs in English. The participants said that they were satisfied with the event.

The administration and teachers of the school, a group of teachers of Azerbaijan University of Languages took part in the event.