Presentation of the Documentary Film “From the Caspian to the Danube” at Azerbaijan University of Languages


Presentation of the documentary film “From the Caspian to the Danube” was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages.

The event dedicated to the Victory Day (May 9) was jointly organized by the Scientific Organization of Students (SOS) and the Serbian Centre of the Language and Culture in the frames of the plan of action on the eve of the 96th anniversary of the national leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev.

The documentary film shot on the basis of the motifs of the commander of the 223rd division, Baxış Mehdiyev’s book titled “The 223rd Red Flagged Belgrade Division deals with battle road of the division, which consisted of the Azerbaijanis fighting for the liberation of Yugoslavia.

 Academician Kamal Abdulla, rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages, said that   the film plays a significant role in the formation of the young generation:

“The film is very impressive. The middle and old generation deeply feel the artistic effect of the film. One of the most important points is that we begin to learn the parts of the history of Azerbaijan, which we do not know. It seems that we gradually move away from the true history, perceive and accept its artistic variant. As we are grateful to Mehdi Hüseynzadə, Həzi Aslanov, as well as to many Azerbaijani officers and soldiers whose names we do not know. We saw not only the liberation of the cities, but also the delight of the people of that period.        I am glad that such films inscribe our history to the memory of our students.

Associate-professor Sevinc Zeynalova, vice-rector on research issues, said that the film is of great importance for the formation of youth. She pointed out that such films play the role of enlightenment unlike the historical documents and literature.

 Zəhra Hüseynova, head of the Scientific Organization of Students, gave information on the project called “Let us Make Everybody Know our Centres”.

Lalə Məcidova, director of the Centre of the Serbian language and culture spoke about the Centre, its activity and the projects implemented into life. She stressed that the Centre develops not only the relations between Azerbaijan University of Languages and Belgrade University, but also contributes to the development of scientific and humanitarian relations between Azerbaijan University of Languages and Belgrade University in the frames of cooperation with “the Centre of the Azerbaijani Language and Culture” in Belgrade created on the initiative of academician Kamal Abdulla, rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages and the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Serbia.

  Tahir Əliyev, director of the documentary film spoke about the 223rd Belgrade Division, the shooting process of the film, its heroes and purpose.

Honored journalist Əlövsət Ağalarov, editor-in-chief of “Azərnəşr” expressed his impressions and suggestions about the documentary film. He recommended to the students to take the examples of the heroes of that period.

Cəlil Nağıyev, expert on the Serbian studies, head of the chair of the World Literature at Baku State University was taking part in the ceremony.

The ceremony ended with the discussion of the film and respond to the questions.