Mexican Ambassador Meets the First Year Students


On May 16, 2019, the first year students of the Spanish Translation Department of the Translation Faculty met the Ambassador of Mexico to Azerbaijan Xuan Rodrigo Labardini Flores. It was organized by the Chair of the Theory and Practice of the Romanic Languages. The topic of the meeting was: “Mexico and Azerbaijan have become much closer now”.

He gave information to the students on tourism, universities, the banner, ensign, meals and drinks of Mexico. He noted that the number of Azerbaijanis has increased in the recent years and they form 19%, while the number of Mexicans has grown in Azerbaijan 9 %.

The ambassador gave information mainly on the ensign and standard and other state attributes of Mexico. He said that there are three colours on their standard (green, white and red). The red colour symbolizes independence, the white – unity, the red one – the blood of the heroes. The pictures of an eagle and cactus symbolize the might and unity of the nation.

Then Xuan Rodrigo Labardini Flores noted that the meals of Azerbaijan were very delicious and discussed different topics with the students.