Master class on the topic “In the Context of Knowing Each Other: Scientific-Cultural Relations between Romania and Azerbaijan”


Master class on the topic “In the Context of Knowing Each Other: Scientific-cultural relations between Romania and Azerbaijan” was held by Lyudmila Bejenaru, associate-professor of Chair of Slavic Studies of Yasski University at Azerbaijan University of Languages. She stressed the historical, diplomatic, scientific and cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Romania in her speech and highly appreciated the steps taken by both sides in the development of these relations.

She mentioned the name of Uzun Həsən to indicate that the relations between the two friendly nations have deep historical roots. Thus, the Romanian-Azerbaijani relations began in ancient times. She also stressed that the steps taken by Azerbaijan and Romania in the development of diplomatic relations between them are noteworthy; Romania was the second state after Turkey to recognize the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since 1990 the presidents of both countries have held fourteen meetings for the development and maintenance of mutual relations.

 Moreover, scientific and cultural relations between the two countries have got a large scale development. As a result a park in a 80 hectare territory has been planted in honour of Heydar Aliyev on the initiative of ambassador Eldar Həsənov, it has been decorated with the national ornaments of both countries. Over 50 works of the Azerbaijani literature have been translated into Romanian. Among them is the novel “The Gorge of Sorcerers”, which has been translated by Lyudmila Bejenaru. The presentation of the translation took place in Baku Book Centre.

Lyudmila Bejenaru spoke of the works translated from Romanian into Azerbaijani. As a result of all this, many exhibitions were held in Romania connected with Azerbaijan. The multicultural policy of Azerbaijan is propagated by the centres of multiculturalism.

Lyudmila Bejenaru gave comprehensive information on Yasski University, disclosed her views concerning the Bologna system, which is applied in education in the globalizing world. She expressed her assurance that the universities would play an important role in strengthening cultural and research relations. Yasski University will create great opportunities for the students from Azerbaijan. It has 15 faculties, 85 BA, 164 MA and 26 PhD programs. It has 23 124 s (17 196 BA, 5978 MA and 850 PhD) students. There are 623 associate-professors, and 702 teaching personnel. Yasski University cooperates with other European Universities within international ERASMUS+, ERASMUS MUNDUS, JEAN MONNET and EEA programs.

Lyudmila Bejenaru noted that the relations between Azerbaijan University of Languages and Yasski University of Romania would be very useful for the students. Participation of the Azerbaijani students in the international Olympiads, publication of their articles in the journals for the students and granting different scholarships to students are also going to be taken into consideration. Naturally, the appreciation of these proposals will give an incentive to the development of the academic activity of students and at strengthening the interstate relations.