Letter of Gratitude to the Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages from theTeaching Staff and Pupils of the High School of Internally Displaced Persons


Nazim Qafarov, principal of High School 1, and Şaiq Əhmədov, teacher of initial military training have sent a letter of gratitude to the academician Kamal Abdulla, rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages for the cooperation between the School and the University.The school bears the name of  Bəhmən Cəfərov, National Hero of Azerbaijan, and it has been organized for the internally displaced persons of Kəlbəcər District. The letter notes that the attention paid by the rector of the University to the school for internally displaced persons is warmly welcomed by the teaching staff and pupils and inspires themş

“We express our gratitude and wish that such kind of meetings between Azerbaijan University of Languages and our school were held in Kəlbəcər with your participation.”