Interview with Huseynagha Sadigov: – “Graduate Association would implement interesting projects and ideas”


Presenting the interview with the AUL Graduate Association Chairman Huseynagha Sadigov

What’ your appreciation of the Graduate Association foundation?

Decision of the Graduate Association’ foundation was taken at the right time. Its initiators are very forward- thinking people. On behalf of our graduates we express our gratitude to its founders , this organization is capable of making important changes. I’ d like to note that very talented graduates were chosen to be the  members of the Association. All of them are call them high- cultured intellectuals.

Concerning the Association , its work will cover various dimensions, starting with the ideas proposed by the graduates. Association members should always be in touch with the society, providing necessary feedback to the public.

Right now the work plan is being developed. All the proposals put forward during the first meeting will soon be compiled and included into the work plan. The graduates’ list with their responsibilities will also be made. The necessary help and support will be provided to the senior retired graduates.

Graduates will also meet their teachers and we can support them if needed.

All of these questions have been discussed at our first meeting, and we noted the value of the social matters.

Then we should also choose the lecturers.

There are many statesmen and social activist among our Association members, and now  we need to make the list of the lecturers. We also plan to make the so called “Ambassador’s hour” in an interactive manner. We guess that students will be strongly interested in listening to the ambassadors working and personal experience.

What’ s your opinion on the work done?

As I have noted before, we are now in the process of the work plan development, considering the proposals and the ideas suggested by the graduates and by the Association members. Now, when the academic year is almost over, we have to make a break during holidays and are planning to meet next time in September. We should make the work plan to use it in the next school year.

Plans for the future?

Realizing lots of interesting projects with both graduates and students involved. Part of our graduates live abroad. One of them is well- known Marietta Yousim Rosenthal, Brooklyn – Baku Friendship Association President. We are going to maintain our communication and to consider her ideas proposed. We are going to use the values of the intellect of our graduates and the ideas based on their personal experience. That will make new possibilities for the development of our Association.