Scientific Conference at Azerbaijan University of Languages on the Topic “Hüseyn Cavid” and the World Literature”


On April 12, 2019, a republican scientific conference there was held in Azerbaijan University of Languages on the topic “Hüseyn Cavid” and the World Literature”.

Academician Kamal Abdulla, rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages, said that they have assemled in the light of a great personality, who was one the worthiest figures of the nation and people. He declared that the name of Hüseyn Cavid is dear not only to the lovers of literature, but also to all the layers of the people. “This name becomes closer to us with the lapse of time. The striking example of this closeness is that President of the country Mr. Ilham Aliyev has done much to eternalize the memory of Hüseyn Cavid. Everything began when the poet’s corpse was returned home. As you know, on the initiative and devotion of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev the corpse of the poet, a victim of the Soviet regime, who was exiled to the Siberia, was returned to the motherland and buried there.  It was the highest form of the national-spiritual attitude. All the Azerbaijani people, all the lovers of literature met the event with a deep gratitude. The ill-fated poet Hüseyn Cavid lived the life of all the world poets, of all the men-of-literature. Appoximately all the poets, men-of-literature of the world lived identical fates and tragedies. Hüseyn Cavid was the poet of love. He was the messenger of beauty and God in the Azerbaijani literature. Being the aristocrat of the word and thought in the literature of Azerbaijan, Hüseyn Cavid became the follower of the line of Fuzuli. Hüseyn Cavid is with us today, too. Today when we say Hüseyn Cavid, we comprehend not only his spatial life, but his spirit as a poet, who never desends down from the peak of the mountain. I believe that this conference will serve to strengthen the relations among the specialists.

Hasnan bey Fənani, ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Indonesia to Azerbaijan, said that he was glad to be among the academic and diplomatic colleagues in Azerbaijan University of Languages. He said that the creative activity of Hüseyn Cavid is an interesing topic for discussion. He said that the topic of the conference was interesting from the point of view of Indonesia, as well as from the point of view of global environment and history, literature, culture, politics and spiritual values. He said that the commemoration of an outstanding figure of Azerbaijan is important from the point of view of building the future. He added that if the richness and depth of the literature of Azerbaijan is taken into consideration, the circle of his interests includes the comparison  of the values and ideas of Indonesia and other countries. At the end of his speech the ambassador expressed his assurance that the heritage of Hüseyn Cavid will have a god impact on the present and future generations.

Head of the chair of the Azerbaijani Literature, academician Muxtar Imanov spoke on the topic “Human expanse in the art of  Hüseyn Cavid”and of his return to the philosophy of demonism. He declared that the Azerbaijani thinking, Turkic ideal, Islamic values have been expressed in the form of human values. He said that when speaking about Azerbaijan, Hüseyn Cavid spoke of the world, of Turan, when speaking of the world, of Tiran, he spoke of Azerbaijan. He declared that irrespective of the sources of topics of Hüseyn Cavid, the main issue is his devotion to the universal human values and reflection of the vital, but severe and bitter truth. From this point of view he analyzed Hüseyn Cavid’s poem “Satan” (Iblis)  and attracted the attention of the participants of the conference that the poet was not afraid of conveying the truth to the people.

Sona Vəliyeva, founder of “Kaspi” Education Centre and newspaper “Kaspi”, PhD in philology, highly appreciated the devotion of the conference to Hüseyn Cavid. She declared that the conduction of the conference in Azerbaijan University of Languages proceeds from the great love of academician Kamal Abdulla to Cavid. She said that the participation of high level local foreign guests and their speeches prove that Hüseyn Cavid was not only the greatest poet and thinker of Azerbaijan, of the Turkic world, not only of the Orient, but those of the whole world. She spoke on the topic: “Hüseyn Cavid – greatest poet and thinker of the Orient”. The talent of Hüseyn Cavid has been sealed by God. He was a well-educated man; therefore he was able to demonstrate his portrait to his readers. She attracted the attention of the participants that Cavid was equally universal and national. He was as much victorious as the nation, which grew him up. She wished victories to her nation.

Silvi Josegam, professor of Nim University of France, spoke on the topic “Is literature a political threat”? Cihan Özdemir, head of Yunis Emre İnstitute, spoke on the topic “The infuence of Abdülhak Hamid on the dramaturgy of Hüseyn Cavid”, professor Cəlil Nağıyev, head of the chair of the World Literature of Baku State University, spoke on the topic “Modernism of Hüseyn Cavid and the world literature (A fragment from the dramaturgy of Hüseyn Cavid”), associate-professor Serbia Branko Vranesh, from Belgrad University, spoke on the topic “The orient of the world literature: from Azerbaijan to Serbia”.

Kristopher Martinez Berroteran, ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Venesuela to Azerbaijan, said that he felt pleasure and honour to take part at the conference devoted to the intellectual poet Hüseyn Cavid. The ambassador noted that Hüseyn Cavid as an Azerbaijani developed literary customs and traditions in Azerbaijan  and left his trace at the end of XIX and at the beginning of XX centuries as a man of dignity of his motherland. He noted that this history will always live and turn into a history. He mentioned the names of the Venesuelan poets and writers and said that the men-of-letters, who are familiar with the creative activity of Hüseyn Cavid and who got their inspiration from it, form a part of the history of art and literature.

Rognil Tori, teacher and scholar of the Scandinavian Studies, thanked for the invitation to the conference. He said that it was noteworthy that the conference has been deboted to a great thinker of Azerbaijan. He said that he worked at Azerbaijan University of Languages as teacher of the Norwegian language in 2008-2009. He added that he headed compliation of a book ophorisms from Nizami’s “ Leyli and Mecnun”, which was published in the May of 2009. She said that she edited the only book “The Day of Murder” by Yusif Səmədoğlu translated to the Norwegian language by Vüsalə Əfəndiyeva, head of the Scandinavian Centre of Azerbaijan University of Languages and Aytən Məmmədova, specialst of the Centre.

 Sevinc Zeynalova, vice-rector on the issues of science, sounded the letters sent to the conference and the information.

The conference was also participated by Alfredo Nieves Portuondop, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Cuba, and other foreign and local guests. The conference was conducted in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian languages in three sections: “ Hüseyn Cavid the Oriental Literature”, “Hüseyn Cavid and the Turkic World”, “Hüseyn Cavid and the Western Romanticism”. The conference ended its work successfully.