Discussion of Ramiz Mehdiyev’s book “Political Heritage of the Period of Khanates of Our History in the Light of Documents” at Azerbaijan University of Languages


The book titled “Political Heritage of the Period of Khanates of Our History in the Light of Documents” by academician Ramiz Mehdiyev, head of staff at the Administration of the President, was discussed at Azerbaijan University of Languages on April 30, 2019.

Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages academician Kamal Abdulla declared that the newly published book of academician Ramiz Mehdiyev is the result of a long time researches: “Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev has penetrated into the depth of our history, into the depth of our socio-political thought, into those spheres which acquire special importance. This book demonstrates once more that if the documents which are the important sources of the history of Azerbaijan are used correctly, purposefully, conceptually, to which perspectives and horizons we may reach. One of these horizons allows us comprehend our past as our present history and make use of it today sensibly”.

Kamal Abdulla added that “ Ramiz Mehdiyev’s “Political Heritage of the Period of Khanates of Our History in the Light of Documents” serves the goal of moving foreward the historical and spiritual thinking of Azerbaijan.

Eldar Əhmədov, PhD in political sciences, greeted the participants of the event on behalf of Ramiz Mehdiyev. He thanked the administration of Azerbaijan University of Languages for organizing the discussion of the book: “The book attracted the attention of the public since its publication”. This is not accidental, because the view to the period of khanates in Azerbaijan was incomplete. As a period it was not politically appreciated. Taking all this into consideration Ramiz Mehdiyev filled the existing gaps and discloses his own views for removing them”. Associate-professor Tamam Cəfərova, vice-rector on social and public issues, associate-professor Sevinc Zeynalova, vice-rector on researches, head of the Chair of the Literature of Azerbaijan academician Muxtar Imanov, leading research fellows of the Laboratory of Azerbaijani Studies, professor Solmaz Rüstəmova-Tohidi, professor Niyazi Mehdi disclosed their views concerning the book and the parts dealing with the conceptual position of the publication, historical and ideological approaches to the issue and the parts dealing with the relations of the khanates with Iran, Russia and with each other. It was declared that the book is a valuable research work for the historians and experts, as well as for those who are interested in history and a guide from methodological point of view. Speaking about the sources mentioned in the book, the experts appreciated the book as a valuable contribution to the history of Azerbaijan as a science.

Among the documents introduced to the Azerbaijani reader in their native language for the first time there are the letters of Shah Qacar to the khans of Azerbaijan, as well as the correspondences of the khans to the Russian commander are of particular importance. Those documents are indisputable evidences displaying the strong tendencies of centripetal forces. Materials reflected in the book will help to remove many wrong approaches and interpretation referring to the period of the khanates and will help the formation of a just and systemic approach to the history of Azerbaijan as a science and public thought. The submitted documents are accompanied by appropriate commentaries and explanations.

Information concerning the important personalities and historical events of the epoch belong to Eldar Əmirov, PhD in social sciences, leading research fellow of the Laboratory of the Russian Studies, translations of the documents from the Persian language belong to Şahin Yəhyayev, assistant of the director of the Institute of the Caucasian Studies. The editors of the book are Aslan Aslanov and Dağbəyi İsmayılov. It is in 232 pages and was published “East-West” Publishing House.