Chair of Pedagogy Holds a Cycle of Events at Secondary Schools


The Chair of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Education of Azerbaijan University of Languages holds a cycle of meetings on the “Malignant habits and their negative effects on the life” at secondary schools in which the students of Azerbaijan University of Languages are having their school practice. On April 15, one of such events took place in Secondary School of Nəsimi District. Students Məmmədli Şəlalə and Ələsova Aysel gave comprehensive information to the pupils of the 7th form two phase training about the detrimental effects of addiction to smoking, alcohol and drugs, they touched upon medical and social aspects of the mentioned  problems.

The students shared information on the malignant habits, expressed their attitudes to the pictures and ideas presented in slides. In the second part of the training other bad habits particularly committed by the schoolchildren such as addiction to  computer games, use of mobile telephones, poor nutrition, use of energy drinks and chewing one’s nails were illuminated.

 Jalə Mustafayeva, associate-professor of the Chair of Pedagogy, Həcər Mahmudova, principal of the Secondary School 211 and “the Friend of Schoolchildren” took part in the training.