Conditions for the Participation at the Conference devoted to the Problems of Translation


Azerbaijan University of Languages

Republican Conference Devoted to the Problems of Translation

On March 15, 2019, there will be held a Republican Conference devoted to the problems of translation.

There will be the following sections at the conference.

  1. Translation on different sciences and spheres
  2. Use of CAT tools in Translation
  3. Problems of art translation
  4. Teaching methodology of translation

We invite everyone to take part in This Conference.

Working languages of the conference: Azerbaijani, English, Russian

The reports sent to the Organizing Committee and approved by it will be published.

The last date of admission of reports and theses – March 1, 2019.

The participants of the conference from other higher educational institutions shall pay registration fees in the sum of 50 manats; exclusion is made for the collaborators of AUL. The organizing Committee will inform the participants the number of the account for the transfer.

Requirements to the form of reports:

  • first, last, middle names of the author (authors), 12 pt, bold type, at the top of the page on the right;
  • name of the institution presented by the author;
  • title of the report – 14 pt, bold type, in the middle;
  • volume of the report – 5-7 pages (including the references) format – A4, pages are not numbered;
  • key words (3-5 words in the language of the report) 12pt, bold type;
  • text of the report – Times New Roman, 12pt;
  • above- 3sm, below- 2sm, left- 2sm, right-2sm;
  • interline interval – 1,5 sm;
  • references are given in square brackets [Əhmədov, 2016, 1-2], references are lined in alphabetic order;
  • the report is sent in paper or in electronic form;
  • reports sent after March 15, 2019 will not be admitted.


Address of the organizing committee:

a 134 R. Behbudov Str.,  Baku, Azerbaijan University of Languages, Department of Research Cooperation (Room 302)

Contact telephone numbers with the Organizing Committee:

Tel: (+994 12) 441 22 78 (257)

Mobile: (+994 55) 658 11 40 (S. R. Imanova)

E-mail: [email protected]


Registration Paper of the Participant

Republican Conference Devoted to the Problems of Translation


 First name, middle name, last name of the participant, degree and title                                                      
The institution where he or she works  
Telephone number and e-mail