The Israel ambassador’s adviser read a lecture at the University of Languages


First lecturer of the Israel’s ambassador to Azerbaijan Avital Rozenberg delivered a lecture on “The attitude towards national minorities in the multicultural society of “Israel” at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev lecture hall. In addition to the students studying in Israel Studies, the faculty also attended the lecture. Speaking about the importance of multiculturalism for Israel and providing information about national minorities, Avital Rosenberg spoke about national minorities living in Israel, their lifestyle, an attitude towards them. Avital Rosenberg stressed that alongside the Jews in Israel, Arabs, Druzes, Bahias, Ahmedis, Circassians, Bedouins, Samaritans live in peace there. He also emphasized the role of women in the political and cultural life of Israel. In this regard, he noted Golda Meirin, in 1969-1974, the names of Ada Yonath, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate in chemistry, singer and composer Ester Radan, first Israeli Olympic medalist Jane Arad in 1992 and other similar women. He also noted that Jews born and living in Israel are called “Sabra”. It is translated from Hebrew language is cactus. That is, Jews are soft and sweet inside, although they are thorny as cactus from outside”. He noted that the Jews were tolerant towards all national minorities living in Israel. In the end, Avital Rosenberg answered students’ questions.