A roundtable dedicated to the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was held at AUL


A roundtable on “Social-political and cultural life of the ADR” was held on November 8 in the framework of the series of event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic organized by the Philosophy and Social Sciences Department and Azerbaijan Studies Research Laboratory at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences Adalat Abdiyeva stressed that Azerbaijan Democratic Republic carried out many reforms in various spheres of economic, social-political and social life and made unprecedented efforts to strengthen the independent state of Azerbaijan.

The director of the ANAS Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi, the leading scientific worker of the Azerbaijan scientific-research laboratory, academician Mohsun Naghilsoylu noted that in the socio-economic perspectives of the founders of the republic it was supposed to establish such a democratic society that in addition to establishing political quality between citizens, social injustice will also be eliminated.

Then Tural Jafarov, a teacher at the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, associate professor of the Caucasian Studies Department, Shalala Baghirova, a senior teacher at the Philosophy and Social Sciences Department, Gunel Garayeva, also noted that the Republic implemented important measures in the construction of an independent national economy and other social spheres, as well as in other areas of social and political life.

The event ended with answering the students’ questions on the subject.