A meeting with a professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences was held at the University of Languages


At the Confucius Institute at the Azerbaijan University of Languages, a meeting was held with Professor Chen Wei, the famous historian of the China Academy of Sciences. The Chinese scientist read lecture on the history of scientific and technical knowledge on the ancient Silk Road for AUL students. Professor stressed that for centuries the Great Silk Road brought together different peoples, exchanging ideas and knowledge, enriching the language and cultures. Many researchers made numerous archaeological and scientific discoveries thanks to the study of ancient monuments on the Silk Road. The history of the scientific and technological relations between the different nations and states on the Great Silk Road and the role of Muslims in these processes evokes great interest.

Professor Rafig Abbasov, director of Confucius Institute, said that during the III millennium BC, contacts between China and Asia have led not only the goods, but also the exchange of technology and scientific ideas. The development of metallurgy techniques, the introduction of new products and the spread of religious beliefs took place.

Rafig Abbasov also noted that strengthening of scientific and technical cooperation, creation of international centers for sharing of joint laboratories, technology sharing and scientific, technical innovation are an important part of the “Silk Road Economic Pipeline” of China State Council and “The Sea Silk Road of the XXI Century” program.