The Bulletin of the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Laboratory has been published.


Bulletin No.1 of the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Laboratory has been published at Azerbaijan University of Languages. The bulletin covers such events like round tables, scientific seminars, joint lectures, book presentations, etc. with the participation of students, together with the relevant departments, laboratories and other public institutions related to studying the diversified aspects of Azerbaijani studies and promoting the Azerbaijani ideology.

Rector of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, Acting member of ANAS, Kamal Abdulla recommended to work in many new directions while creating new centers and laboratories in AUL in 2017. It is planned to hold events on “Language and Philosophy”, “Language and Literature”, “Language and Culture” within the framework of “Our Language and Moral Values”, which idea author is Kamal Abdulla. Holding series of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was taken as one of the main directions.

The organization of lecture and seminars on current topics was arranged in the rector’s recommendation. The main purpose of such lectures is to find out the positive outcomes of the synthesis of science in different science fields. Such teaching method is very important to convey the link between different aspects of science and to show how successful it was.

The event is organized to help young people studying at the university, acquire modern science knowledge about history, culture, literature and art and to shape them as a thoroughly developed personality.