Rector of AUL met with I year students.


On September 19, the rector of the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), the Acting member of ANAS Kamal Abdulla met with the first-year students of the AUL.

Vice-rectors, deans, heads of departments, as well as professors and teachers participated in the meeting.

Rector of the University, Kamal Abdulla, praised the current achievements of the educational institution, saying that the university must justify the hopes, aspirations of the people who choose it, “We will try our best to shape you as a worthy citizen of Azerbaijan, its state and people”.

Saying that university life will be extremely interesting and valuable, Kamal Abdulla underlined that this period is the momentum of the students as a human being, a citizen. The rector reminded the Great Leader’s words to the university rectors “These students are my entrustments to you” during the meetings with national leader Heydar Aliyev with university students and noted that young people are entrustments of the great leader. The rector said the students were not mistaken in the university choices: “You did not make mistakes by investing your future in the study of languages, cultures and various international relationships, by linking your life to this direction, developing your scientific work and future activities in that direction”.

Kamal Abdulla noted that there is good relationship among  the academic staff of the university students and graduates, he also marked that interesting university life is awaiting students: “I believe that the time will come and those who remember the school years with their nostalgic feelings will remember the years of their lives with these sincere, humane, subtle and deep feelings”.

The rector added that the university is a family and we will do our best to solve the students’ problems. He said that President Ilham Aliyev took important steps towards democratization in the country and said that everyone should fulfill his civic duty in this process. “Every citizen tries to keep the honor and dignity of his homeland, his family, the flag, his anthem, the university he is studying.  Our university is a university that steps in this way.” K.Abdulla talked about the atmosphere created for university students, events held, seminars, projects, associations and clubs organized, operating language and culture centers, libraries. University head wished the students to be worthy citizens.

Vice-rector on Students Affairs Sarraf Huseynov informed the students about the activities of the Student Youth Organization (SYO), the Student Trade Union Organization (STUO), the Student Scientific Society.

Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism Vusala Aghabeyli, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Management Ibrahim Kazimbeyli, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages Shaban Shabano, Head of the Department of Phonetics and Grammar of the German Language Gahira Akhundova gave detailed information about the activity of the structures they lead.

During the following part of the meeting, the rector, academician Kamal Abdulla answered the questions of the students.