A round table dedicated to the memory of Alexander Solzhenitsy was held at AUL.


A round table dedicated to the 100th anniversary of prominent writer, Nobel laureate, public and political figure Alexander Solzhenitsy was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages on September 24. The round table was organized jointly by the “Research Center for Cinematography” of AUL and Scientific Information Laboratory of the Russian Information and Cultural Center.

Rector of AUL, acting member of ANAS, Kamal Abdulla said that A.Solzhenitsy is a prominent representative of Russian literature and his works directed many other literary critics. Rector also emphasized that slavery inside of human soul, victory over human being, was widely discussed in the works of A.Solzhenitsy and noted that many people in Azerbaijan are well aware of the writer’s life and creativity. Noting that many Azerbaijani literary  critics  were victims of repression, the rector reminded that for the first time during the Soviet period, Azerbaijani playwright Hussein Javid’s body was brought to Azerbaijan as a result of the national leader Heydar Aliyev’s efforts: “It means that people never forget those whose hearts beat with the nation. Alexander Solzhenitsy is one of those writers who passed through this stage and professionanlly reflected all these in his works”.

Rector K.Abdulla expressed his happiness that the students show interest in the work of A.Solzhenitsy. The Rector also uttered satisfaction wiht the visit of Galina Tyurina, director of the “Dom Russkoqo Zarubejya” organization named after A.Solzhenitsy, and expressed his hope for further achievements in the field of cooperation.

Galina Tyurina, director of the “Dom Russkoqo Zarubejya” organization named after A.Solzhenitsy, said she was honored to be at AUL. Visiting Baku for the first time, G.Tyurina expressed her feelings about the environment and people in the city. She said the formation of a cultural environment was a positive phenomenon. Speaking of A.Solzhenitsy’s writings about all nations throughout the Soviet era, G.Tyurina said that the writer brought up the issues of humanity, the difficult conditions of life, the feelings he experienced, the hard choices. G.Tyurina presented the catalog, which was exhibited at A.Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of A.Solzhenitsy, to the library of AUL.

Associate Professor Seyfel Hasanov, adviser on Science and Education Affairs of AUL, spoke about the process of translating A.Solzhenitsy’s works into Azerbaijani. The head of the International Relations Department, associate professor Aida Yusifzadeh delivered a report on “Political views of A.Solzhenitsy” and Associate Professor of the Department of World Literature Rasim Asadzadeh spoke on “A.Solzhenitsy’s literary heritage”.

Later, Galina Tyurina, the head of the department “Dom Russkoqo Zarubejya”, delivered a lecture on “100th Anniversary of A.Solzhenitsy in the World and Russia”. Bachelors, masters, doctoral students of AUL attended the lecture.