Honored Scientist Lydia Mikhaylovna Granovskaya presented her personal library to AUL


On June 28 meeting with Lydia Mikhaylovna Granovskaya, professor of Baku Slavic University, awarded with honorary title “Honored Scientist” for the preparation of highly skilled scientific and pedagogical cadres and research in the Russian language, by the order of President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev, was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). During the meeting, L.M.Granovskaya presented a personal library of 10 volumes belonging to his personal library “XIX centuries history” and 65 volumes of the “Big Soviet Encyclopedia: History before Cambiform” and hundreds of valuable books to the AUL Library.

Rector of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, Acting member of ANAS, Kamal Abdulla said that L.M.Granovskaya worked with a great enthusiasm and energy in her youth: “Lydia Mikhaylovna, with her speeches at various scientific centers and conferences in the USSR, raised her own scientific name as well as the Azerbaijan science to the high levels. She repeatedly published articles in many foreign countries. L.Mikhaylovna is engaged in a very interesting field id literature”. K.Abdulla stressed that President Ilham Aliyev’s awarding her with a high scientific name is not accidental. “This is the highest value given to her labor”. Rector K.Abdulla noted that L.M.Granovskaya had a rich library and donated these books to AUL. Rector K.Abbdulla expressed his gratitude to the guest for this step and highly appreciated it. K.Abdulla presented L.M.Granovskaya with the University’s symbolic presents and his book, “Azerbaijan translation encyclopedia,” which was recently published.

L.M.Granovskaya thanked rector Kamal Abdulla for his attention. Noting that this was the beginning, L.M.Granovskaya told that the students always need books. L.M.Granovskaya, who said that publications that were presented to AUL were very valuable, expressed her happiness that these books are part of the university’s library.

Prof.Afgan Abdullayev, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Rector’s Advisor on Social Affairs Aladdin Aliyev, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Management Ibrahim Kazimbeyli, Professor Mammad Aliyev, Head of Russian Research Laboratory, and Shahin Sardarli a student of International Relations and Management Faculty marked that the books that L.M.Granovskaya has presented to the AUL Library are a very valuable wealth.