An Open Class Dedicated to 28 of May was Held at AUL


A lecturer of the Chair Innovations in Education Fatma Gurbanzada organized an open class dedicated to 28 May Republic Day at the Scientific Research Laboratory of Azerbaijani Studies.

Fatma Gurbanzade made an opening speech and gave a presentation about Azerbaijani People’s Republic founded by M. A. Rasulzade and stated that it was first parliamentary democratic republic in the Turkish and Islamic World.

She mentioned that M. A. Rasulzade had always worked for his country and nation. Activities done by Alimardan bay Topchubashev and efforts he had taken for the sake of his nation’s good will and independence.

Afterwards the director of the Student Admission and Enrollment Department Nubar Ahmadova gave detailed information about the establishment of the Azerbaijan Republic. She also mentioned that “The act of Constitution about the independence of Azerbaijan was adopted on October 18th in 1991.

Nubar Ahmadova also talked about the referendum held in our country and drew students’ attention to the fact when there was held a nationwide election on December 29th in 1991 and how Azerbaijan People unanimously for the state independence of our country.

An open class ended with questions and answer  session.