Media will named after George Sand, French Information Centre


The French Information Centre was opened in 1998 with the support of the French Embassy and Azerbaijan University of Language (the AUL). The establishment of the Centre mainly aims at providing the Faculty with necessary teaching materials, different books and materials about France. It should be noted that the resource collection of the Centre consists of 2209 books and newspapers and journals under different titles including books on Linguistics, social sciences, political sciences, art and literature, and the novels. Its active members are 145 people. Among the members are teachers and students from other universities along with the AUL. The members can also make use of the resource collection of Baku French Lycee (according to the agreement), alongside with the resource collection of the Centre.

New books and journals are brought to the Centre with the support of the French Embassy to Azerbaijan. The members can borrow books for a month free of charge. The services at the Centre are free of charge.

The following documents are required for the membership to the Centre:

  • a copy of the ID card
  • a copy of the student or employee card
  • 2 photos

The Obligations of the French Information Centre

The French Information Centre carries out the following obligations:

  • Organization of the meeting of the French delegation with the University authorities;
  • Registration of the membership to the Centre and assistance to the members in the use of the resources
  • Bringing the new resources admitted in the Centre into readers’ use within a month
  • Guiding students and members in getting education in France and arrangement of their meeting with the French embassy representatves responsible for inter-university relations;
  • Learning about the participation terms of the international projects and programs by collecting information on them and informing the members and students of French about them.

The Implementation of the Memorandums of Understanding in Science and Education:

  • Organization of the Centre’s cooperation with foreign educational institutions;
  • Organization and implementation of international events;
  • Organizational work to arrange and realize the reception of the foreign delegation in France;
  • Development of the data on the scientific and educational cooperation perspectives of the educational institutions in France in the implementation of educational and scientific-research programs of the University and organizational work to develop cooperation agreements;
  • Organization of the students’ meeting with the representatives of the French Embassy to Azerbaijan and arrangement of conversation hours with their participation;
  • Organization of cultural events to strengthen the cultural relations between Azerbaijan and France;
  • Making scientific and educational presentations with the participation of the teachers and staff members of the institutions within the French Embassy to Azerbaijan;
  • Holding the literary and scientific seminars on France at the Centre
  • Arrangement of film demonstrations;
  • Involvement of the AUL students of French and members in some events held the year round at Azerbaijan-French Institute
  • Informing the AUL and the French Embassy to Azerbaijan on the events held at the Centre and resource collection;
  • Arrangement of a timely answer to the letters and e-applications received at the Centre;
  • Obtaining the information necessary for international cooperation from the departments and faculties of the AUL;
  • Informing on the cooperation of the University with other educational institutions in science and education;
  • Writing annual reports on the French Information Centre activities.