Scientific Research Laboratory of Experimental phonetics and applied linguistics


Fəxrəddin VeysəlliThe Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan has an order dated 11.05.2012 on reorganization of Scientific Research Laboratory of Experimental phonetics and applied linguistics at Azerbaijan University of Languages. This laboratory plays a role in study of languages taught in the country in comparison with mother tongue languages, thereby increasing the efficiency of learning foreign languages, as well as preparation of young specialists, PhD and candidates research.

In fact, the laboratory began operations in the 70s of the last century and had a lot staff (F.Hajiyeva, D.Yunusov, E.Mirzeyev, F.Zeynalov, FAslanov, F.Huseynov, J.Mammadguliev, R.Isaeva, S. Najafova, Y.Murshudov, G.Heybetov and others). The laboratory has more than 50 PhD and 4 people who wrote a doctoral thesis and defended and they are currently working in the various scientific institutions. However, because of various reasons, the lab stopped its activity for a time, and only restored in 1994, has been attached to the Department of German phonetics, grammar and history. In 2008, Prof. Fakhraddin Veysally’s resignation of the head of the laboratory the lap virtually stopped.

Professor F.Veysally returned to the post of head of the laboratory in  2015, activity in the lab has begun to revive. At present, the laboratory operates under the Department of General Linguistics of the Azerbaijan University of Languages under the name Experimental phonetics and applied linguistics, cited above, according to the order of the 7 (seven) were identified by staff. At present, there are 5 people in the state: a manager, a head and a senior researcher, a researcher and a junior researcher.

Laboratory carries out its scientific and practical activities in two directions. They are as follows:

1) educational-methodical work (EMW);

2) research activities (RA).

The laboratory  builds  its scientific activities using the application of modern computer programs and advanced of practices linguistics. Various speakers deliver lectures at a seminar held once a month at the laboratory and in experimental and applied linguistics Phonetics mastering the subtleties of the importance of this seminar is undeniable.

The second aspect of work carried out in the laboratory is the scientific studies. It provides detailed information on the work plan of the laboratory. over the last year university employees I.Heybetov defended, J.Yaqubova, S.Mustafayeva and H. Imanguliyeva now on the verge of defense.

The scientific direction of the laboratory: urgent problems of Confrontative linguistics and methodical issues.

Problem: The phonological and morphological differences between different languages and their experimental study.

Scientific director of the Laboratory is PhD, prof. F.Y.Veysally. The laboratory has 5 employees:

PhD, prof. F. Veysally (Laboratory Manager)

PhD, asc., prof. G. Heybatov (aei)

PhD, asc., prof. J. Babayev (bei)

Z. Asgarova (EI)

Z. Aliyeva(kei)

The head of the laboratory, fPhD, prof. F.Y.Veysally and senior fellow Ph.D J.Babayev were on a business trip (May 2014) within a short period of time at Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Philology and agreement consisting of  9- paragraphs  has been signed for a period of 5 years  between the Institute and  University of Languages.

“Foreign Languages” journal is published 4 times a year in the laboratory. Recently, the following works have been published in the laboratory:

  1. F.Veysally. The theoretical foundations of orphophoetics in the Azerbaijani language. Baku, Translator, 2015.
  2. F.Veysally. Linguistic basis of the Azerbaijani script. RU Lap Lambert Academic Publishing.
  3. F.Veysally. Cognitive linguistics. Baku, Translator, 2016.
  4. F.Veysally. 3 Selected Works, vol. Baku, Translator, 2016.
  5. F.Veysally. Orphophony Azerbaijani language dictionary. Baku, Translator, 2016.
  6. F.Veysally. Phonetics and Phonology Problems. London, Cambridge International Press, 2016.
  7. F.Veysally. Letter, Baku, Mutargim, 2016.
  8. F.Veysally, J.M.Babayev. The concept of meaning in linguistic philosophical concepts. Novosibirsk, ul.Nikolaeva, 8 Institute of Philology. С0 of the RAS.
  9. F.Veysally i. The Song of the Nibelungs. Baku, Translator, 2017.

F.Veysally, head of the laboratory was elected a member of the editorial board of the magazine “Kritika and Semiotika” published 4 times a year at RAS SB-section.


Head of the Scientific Research Laboratory of Experimental phonetics and applied phonetics

Ph.D prof. F.Veysally

Tel: (+99412) 564 22 47 (daxili 121)

E-mail: [email protected]