AUL Holds an Event Dedicated to the Anniversary of April Battles


On 5 April Azerbaijan University of Languages held an event dedicated to the anniversary of the April battles. It was organized by the Faculty of Translation and Country Studies.

In her opening speech the Dean of the Faculty of Translation and Country Studies Banovsha Mammadova described the April events as the page of pride and heroism leaving its trace in the recent history of our country. She pointed out the developments of April as an indicator of the power, might of our Army.

The Garabagh war veteran, journalist Rey Karimoghlu appraised the organization of such a meeting at the university as a noteworthy occasion and expressed his gratitude to all who contributed to its organization. Further, recalling his own participation in the Garabagh battles, he shared his memories and spoke of the feat demonstrated on the front by our brave fighters serving in the Army under the heavy conditions of the 1990s. Comparing the April battles with the events of the 1990s the journalist added that today the arsenal of our army possesses modern weaponry and patriotic, professional officers loyal to their people. By the end of his speech R.Karimoghlu recommended the participants to always remember the heroic sons of our nation and always serve it irrespective of the positions they hold.

Kamil Musavi who demonstrated special heroism in April battles characterized them as a victory, “Our people has resisted the enemy all through the history. This struggle is not over with the April developments, that is why, we must not forget our history and should always make it live. By gaining a victory at the April battles we managed to liberate a part of our territories from occupation. There are 13 strategically-important heights in the territory of Garabagh, the hill of Lala tapa liberated by our army is one of them”.

The meeting was accomplished with the answers to the students’ questions.