Doctorate Program


Admission to Programs for the Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Sciences

The citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who are University graduates (the graduates of the master’s level or whose education is equal to it) can be admitted to the doctoral program on a competitive basis.

For the admission to the doctoral program and interview for the post-graduation program for the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Sciences the following documents are submitted:

  1. Application (to the Head of the Institution or Organization offering the doctoral program);
  2. Personal data file;
  3. Biography;
  4. 3 photos (in format 3X4);
  5. Reference from the work place;
  6. The appropriately proved copies of the diplomas certifying the graduation from higher educational institution (BA and MA diplomas and their attachments)

The citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who graduated from universities abroad – Certificate recognizing the documents on education abroad;

The applicants for the degree of Doctor of Sciences – the copies of diploma of the Candidate of Sciences (Doctor of Philosophy) and diploma of the Associate Professor (if any);

  1. those with work experience – the copy of the employment record book;
  2. the copy of the document certifying personal identity;
  3. The list of the scientific publications (minimum 2 works on the selected specialty with the cover page and the contents of the publishing journals attached);
  4. Annotation in the selected specialty for those who have no articles and for the applicants for the doctoral program (20-25 pages);
  5. The copies of the applicant’s certificates (diplomas, etc.) can be attached to the documents.

The applicants for the doctoral course shall have admission examinations from the discipline of specialization, foreign language and philosophy in the frames of the educational programs valid for the MA level.